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Backed by a team of experienced and passionate professionals and seasoned networks within the region, our strategic services set out below meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms, local firms, regional firms and international firms. Please get in touch with us today to learn how Nanga Registrars can help your business.

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Choose an apt business structure

Our staff has the capabilities and expertise to advice you on and incorporate for you the most suitable business structure based on your needs. We have experience in advising on the following types of entities:

  • private and public limited liability companies;

  • foreign companies (branch office) and representative offices;

  • limited liability partnerships;

  • unincorporated businesses such as sole proprietorship, trusts and general partnerships; 

  • charities;

  • associations and community based organisations;

  • societies; 

  • non profit organisations; and

  • special purpose vehicles.

It may be necessary in some instances to convert ​your business entity from the current form to any of the above forms. We analyse the status of your business structure against your needs and advise you on and assist you to convert the business to an optimal structure.

To reduce the time taken to set-up in Kenya or close a deal that requires a new entity, we maintain carefully structured shelf companies readily available for your use.


Additionally, we are at hand to assist you when the time comes to dissolve or strike off a company from the Companies Registry.

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Meet your statutory obligations

We help you to comply with all requirements applicable to your entity in Kenya. We do this for you by:

  • being named as your company secretary;

  • undertaking statutory filings for you;

  • undertaking regular governance and legal audits to determine your level of compliance;

  • procuring on your behalf authorizations required for your business such as permits, immigration documents, licences, tax certificates and tax compliance certificates, among others;

  • advising you on your legal and corporate governance obligations and assisting you to comply with those obligations;

  • monitoring for you changes in compliance requirements and promptly notifying you on compliance actions;

  • maintaining records on your behalf as required under the law; and

  • running your registered office.


Information Link

We act as a link between you, the governing body of your legal entity, shareholders/members of your legal entity, the media, the community and regulators, among others, so that you can communicate effectively.

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Leave your routine tasks to us

Nanga Registrars relieves you from routine administrative tasks that can be done more efficiently and easily by us. These include: 


  • setting meeting agenda for your entity;

  • sending meeting invites and notices;

  • preparing board packs for your business;

  • minute taking and keeping the minute book;

  • acting as process server in Kenya on your behalf;

  • updating members, directors and charge registers;

  • issuing company secretary certificate when required;

  • document retention and safekeeping; and

  • archiving records in accordance with the law.



Let's support your transactions

We provide agency services so that you can transact easily. Our agency services include acting in Kenya as:

  • administrative/collateral or security agent in finance transactions to hold security documents on your behalf;

  • tax agents for purposes of preparing and filing tax returns and notices of objection on your behalf;

  • patent agent for purposes of registration of patents in Kenya on your behalf;

  • registration agent to register notices on the Collateral Registry on your behalf;

  • registration agent to register your interests in an aircraft in our capacity as professional user entity on the International Registry of Mobile Assets;

  • facility agent to assist you to monitor finance facilities;

  • process agent for purposes of service of process in Kenya; and

  • escrow agent to facilitate flow of funds for your transactions in line with Anti-Money Laundering principles .

In addition, we offer directorship and  corporate shareholder services.

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General Guidance

Looking for general advice for your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your entity's internal affairs? Let us guide you. Reach out to us and let us guide you in the right direction.


Reside legally in Kenya

We support you to meet your immigration requirements in Kenya. Our team will assist you in:

  • applying for entry clearance, work permits, visas and other immigration documents;

  • guiding you on immigration and Kenyan law requirements for immigrants;

  • representing you before administrative agencies in Kenya; and

  • updating you on the regulatory changes in immigration law and policy in Kenya.



Authenticate your documents

Nanga Registrars assists you to notarise and authenticate documents drawn or obtained from Kenya so that you can use them outside Kenya.


This process is known as legalisation or apostille (in jurisdictions that are signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents). Kenya is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention and you will therefore require to have your documents legalised in Kenya before you can use them abroad. 

We know that this is important to you when you are dealing with cross-border transactions and you need to provide your counterparty with documents issued in Kenya. We will assist you to do this to reduce the back and forth with the counterparty on account of uncertainty regarding the validity of your documents.


Obtain search results promptly

Do you require search results relating to an entity based in Kenya? Nanga Registrars will assist you to undertake searches in the relevant place and prepare for you a detailed report of the search findings. We undertake the following due diligence searches, among others:

  • Land registry searches;

  • Court judgments and proceedings searches to determine authenticity of court orders;

  • Legal entity identifier searches;

  • Intellectual property rights searches;

  • Collateral Registry searches;

  • Company Registry searches; and

  • International Registry of Mobile Assets searches.

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